The gourmet, four-course breakfast at the Alexander Mansion is intended to spoil: We always use fresh ingredients, mostly organic and local and largely provided by our area family farmers. Our courses are designed to accentuate the all-natural spices and extracts from Winona’s Watkins Company. Breakfast is served at 9 am in our  elegant dining room. For those seeking a more intimate or fresh-air dining experience, seating for two is available in the parlors and on the veranda. Fresh coffee and hot water for tea is always available in the breakfast room for the early risers.

Note: We love everyone from meat-eaters  to vegetarians. We are more than happy to accommodate any dietary or allergen needs. Just let us know when you make your reservation.


Any remarkable breakfast begins with beverages: The second you sit down at the table, you have the option of savoring steaming hot coffee, hot or iced tea, or our trademark juices, served with a slice of orange and a leaf of mint. All drinks are bottomless, of course, so don’t hesitate to ask for more.

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Our first course is a sensuous and delicately spiced fruit dish that will tickle and tease your taste buds.

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Our second course, whether a scone, muffin or other bakery item, is always a delectable pastry created either by local bakers or from scratch in our own kitchen.  It’s a complement to what came before, a prelude to what will come.

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Our third course is the heart and soul of our breakfast, often a savory egg dish ranging from a fresh vegetable frittata to quiche. Revel in the mixture of fresh vegetables and savory spices, cooked, as always, to perfection.

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Our fourth course ends on a sweet note, with a dessert dish of creamy vanilla ice cream sprinkled with delicious Watkins cinnamon.

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Set your napkin down. Sigh. Look around at your fellow diners. Smile. This breakfast, after all, was an event to remember, a celebration to share. This breakfast was not something simply consumed but something loved, from the moment it was created to the moment you idly passed your fork across the last of your plates, thinking there might yet be one bite left. Allow the silence to settle, if only for one passing moment, and then set your napkin on your plate, sigh once more, and stand to embrace the possibilities and beauties of the day still before you.